Sunday, July 15, 2012

one month...

It's July 15th, which means only one month until YAGM orientation in Chicago!  I leave on Wednesday August 15 at 6 am for Chicago.  I know at least one other YAGM volunteer will be on my flight with me, and probably another one or two.

 It's coming up!  The next month will go by fast!  My sister Erin comes home in two weeks from her YAGM year in Uruguay.  She's going to get a couple days at home before we leave on a family vacation, and then we'll all be home for a couple of days before I leave.  SO SOON!!!

Items on my packing list and to-do list are slowly being checked off, but this week is when I get to really power through and get a lot done!  Next week I'll be giving the "Mission Moment" at the partner congregation for my church, which will hopefully help me raise the last $700 or so that I need to raise by August 1st.  Otherwise, all is going well!

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