Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Happenings in the life of a new YAGM


As some of you know, I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University on Sunday, so I am now officially on summer vacation!  Now that the chaos of finishing school is over, I am back to focusing on getting ready for my YAGM year in Mexico.  What, you may ask, does a recent college grad preparing to leave the country do to prepare?  Well, here's the answer!

1. Lots and lots of paperwork!  Thankfully, the ELCA Global Mission office is on top of things, and has made it as simple as it could possibly be to get all the required paperwork in.

2. Getting caught up on all sorts of doctor/dentist/eye doctor appointments.  I will likely (and hopefully!) not be going to the doctor for routine appointments while in Mexico, so I need to make sure I am as healthy as can be before I leave.

3. Research and Spanish practice.  I've taken a couple semesters of college Spanish, and I will get language training in Mexico, but I'm going to review as much as I can before August so I don't arrive in Mexico not having spoken Spanish in months.  I'm also going to do some background research on Mexico.  At the very least, I want to know what famous figures main streets are named after!  If you have any ideas of good books that will give me a historical or cultural overview of Mexico or Cuernavaca, please let me know!

4. Packing!  Although I won't actually start putting things into a suitcase until early August, I have started the preliminary process of figuring out how to pack up my life for a year into one or two suitcases.  I have a few new clothing items to buy, and I want to sort my clothes so I can try to wear clothes I'm not taking with me this summer.

5. Raising support!  This is where you, my readers, come in!  Remember to check out the "Support" tab at the top of the page for the specifics of how to support me during my year in Mexico.  I am looking for individuals and churches who will financially support me, read my blogs, receive my newsletter, send me letters, listen to my stories, and pray for me.  These are all important pieces, so even if you can't financially support me, you can still remain engaged with my trip!  I'll periodically update you all on my progress in raising financial support, but a reminder that the deadline is August 1st!  I met with the NW WA Synod Global Mission Committee today to talk about my year in Mexico, and I'm excited and so thankful for the new ideas and support I got.  They're going to be a great resource, so thank you!!

6.  Hang out with family and friends.  I'm living at home again this summer, which means lots of family bonding time.  If you're in the area and want to see me before I leave, just let me know!  I'm hoping to do lots of hiking this summer, but I also just want to reconnect with people I haven't seen in a while.

2012 Discernment-Interview-Placement Participants.  These will be my comrades in my YAGM year!
I still don't know exactly what I will be doing in Cuernavaca, but I will just need to be patient until I hear from Andrea (the Mexico Country Coordinator) with specific details!  I know that part of my YAGM experience will be not knowing what is going on and learning to just go with the flow, so I am trying to get into that mindset early.

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